Apple Newton

The Apple Newton

Mocked in literature and mainstream media, I did, for a brief, shining moment, use Apple’s Newton Platform.

That gives me an edge, as I traverse the murky future.

Because I “build my own” site, I’ve got to be aware of certain requirements and specifics. What I used to pay attention to, what kind of software was used to access the site — all part of drilling down in the stats.

These days, that’s much less of a concern. Rolled into the backend of the site’s basic set-up, there’s a mobile friendly version. I’m unsure of what it looks like on a flip-phone, and I have no access for rotary-phone land-line, but just about any other tablet/phone combination can access the site.

The general motion is towards being more mobile, and yes, the Apple iOS can replace a lap-top or desktop machine. These days, about the only test I run for cross-platform compatibility is to look at a website on an iPhone. I should grab an old iPhone 4, but alas, I traded or sold older models as the upgrades occur. Most everything has to play on a smaller, phone-like screen, too, but I much prefer a larger tablet. Still, the iOS does seem to be a significant future trend.

It all started with The Apple Newton.

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