Wires Management

Wires Management

TBR on wires. He notes that has been carrying a computer laptop since 2000, and I started in 1993. I’ll admit, I don’t have the answers he has. Yet.

My inner gadget-freak with a luggage fetish, I’ve always been attracted to the bare boards with multiple straps for holding wires, connectors, and power bricks together, possibly with pens, pencils, and the odd analog notepad, yes, I kept looking at those. What made the reviews most rewarding was seeing, in print, that the device doesn’t work.

What works for me? Canvas shoulder bag in a messenger style. I’m down to owning just two, at the moment. A large Timbuk2 bag that’s cherished and weathered, and newer Vaya one, just for the iPad Pro, so far.

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