The Relic Master

The Relic Master

The Relic Master by Christipher Buckley

There’s always a breezy sense to the style; makes it feel more casual.

“Religion’s a business like any other. The middlemen fatten.” P. 25

The novel’s satiric backdrop is the Protestant Reformation, kind of retelling the story of the churches, and even funnier when back-to-back with a previous mention of the Pope. Main character is named for St. Dismas, “The Good Thief.” That saint’s day is March 25.

The word “sacerdotal” popped up. It’s where the priest has to intercede to make things right with the gods.

It’s a fun book. As a novel, flashy style and high camp mixed with stunning satire. A quick, easy, and for me? Enjoyable read. I’d recommend it – consider the source.

The Relic Master – Christopher Buckley

The Relic Master: A Novel

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