Coconut Cowboy

Coconut Cowboy

So funny, rereading Sharkskin Suite again, same point I picked before, I was about underline a second time.

Makes it fun, as there’s a certain amount of continuity between novels — reread last year’s epic before getting on with this year’s new one. Shout out to the author and publishing empires, last year’s novel was released as a 99-cent ebook in the last month, which greatly facillitated rereading the novel.

Coconut Cowboy

Always approach a book like this with a little skepticism. The author said that Saint Ulrich of Ausberg was for fainting spells, followed by a comment in brackets “(true).” So I looked it up. Catholic online said it was true. My Texas friends? “True story, no lie,” is an obvious bit of irony. Forgive me if I don’t always trust that author’s narrative.

Quick spot check, do a quick news search for “Florida Weird News.” Seems like it has more weird news than any place else? I’m in Texas. “Keep Austin Weird?” Other than that? We just have our politicians.

There’s a parallel structure, as this latest Serge Storms epic is loosely arranged around the great American film, Easy Rider.

I’ve long adored, and abandoned, motorcycles as a hobby, pursuit, or transportation, but I’m still fascinated by the art and culture. Especially, in this situation, the art. A chopper with a tear-drop gas-tank painted like a coconut. Cool.

The trademark manic insanity pervades, and the novel is crisp enough to keep an adled mind agitated. Great fun, and I suspect, some answers that can’t be found on the internet.

T.S. Eliot said it, “The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink.” Pretty sure Tim Dorsey accomplishes that with this novel. Fun, too.

Coconut Cowboy

Coconut Cowboy

Coconut Cowboy

Available from your local dealer, or wherever books are sold.

Coconut Cowboy – Tim Dorsey

Coconut Cowboy: A Novel (Serge Storms)

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