Serge A. Storms

Serge A. Storms

Serge A. Storms rides again… Wisdom from Serge:

    “Cabin fever is the natural enemy of strategic judgment.”

    “and my luck is long past the expiration date.”

    “It’s just another glaring opportunity missed by the general populace. There’s no law against pretending to be a civilian professional.”

    “A negative genetic experiment crossing Danny DeVito and Allen Ginsberg.”

Paints such a powerful image, having been down that road recently. I did see – the poet – Allen Ginsberg reading in Austin, back in the day.

    “Make no mistake: I’m all about guns! I just love the legal incongruities our national discourse has spawned, like I can buy a shotgun any time of day without a serious background check, but if I need something for my sniffles, it’s six forms of ID and complete school transcripts. The government has essentially created a system where if I want to clear a head cold, the easiest cure is to blow my brains out.”

Excerpt From: Dorsey, Tim. “Shark Skin Suite.” HarperCollins, 2015–01–01. iBooks.
This material may be – is – protected by copyright.

I got to wonder, out loud, like, if this particular novel is the author’s take on the legal thrillers, referenced therein. Hat tip to the likes of Grisham, et al.

Blistering good read, quick, funny, and the suspense is tight enough so that the surprise ending isn’t that much of a surprise, except that I could’t put the book down for the last 50 pages or so. The denouement was rather satisfying.

I was preparing for my big exam the night the book was released, and I picked it up online from the Apple iBook store, shortly after midnight.

Shark Skin Suite – Tim Dorsey

Couple of days later, the little blond girlfriend picked it up for me in hardback, knowing my love of all things Serge A. Storms. I now have an almost complete collection of the author’s works in hardback, just missing the first two novels.

Previously mentioned, one of the most influential books I’ve ever read, and re-read, that’s one I don’t own as a hardback, and the second in the series.

There are fewer and fewer authors worth collecting, but for me, this is one so worth it. I’ll reread some of the earlier books, just for fun.

I’ve never done any serious fact-checking of the series, so there’s no one for me to validate the Florida Trivia, the locations of movies, historical, whatever, other than occasionally popping a term or singular image into a search engine to see if the purported factoid might be correct. So far, looks that way. With the author’s background in fact-based journalism, I don’t doubt that much of the material is factual. Which makes the series and the individual novels even more appealing.

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