Coolest Accessory

Coolest Accessory

The single, Coolest Accessory from Apple? iPhone, iPod, iPad, iMac? The best keyboard I ever used is the Apple Wireless Keyboard. I have one in a handy travel case, that single keyboard has been through 3 or 4 iPads, now. The travel case is a simple design, it holds the keyboard securely, then unfolds to make a stand for a device.

I have another keyboard, identical in brushed aluminum look, paired to the laptop that powers this endeavor. Was paired to an old iMac for a few years, too.

Finally, I’ve got a third one paired to Apple TV. Don’t use that one much, but it is handy on long, rainy weekends. Have to type in what I’m looking for on Netflix or a password.

Apple Keyboard, the Coolest Accessory, so far.

Runs on two AA batteries, seems to get decent usage, Bluetooth, etc. Back in the day, my original Mac Plus came with a keyboard that had a number pad off to the right. Standard issue stuff, no?

The earlier Macintosh came with a keyboard that didn’t have the number pad, and that felt, to me, tighter, more useful. Less distractions from typing. Less cumbersome, and the smaller footprint used less desk space. No number pad on the right-hand side assuming and coercing right-handed data entry. Also just more tidy. I quickly swapped out the keyboard with a number pad for that single keyboard, as it fits my usage better. That was then. This is now.

As notebooks, laptops and finally iTablets and smart phones have taken over? The portable keyboard is popular. Still, for my uses? I prefer that standard keyboard; that is my favorite.

Coolest Apple Accessory

Over the years, I’ve continually fondled various portable keyboards, cases for iPads with built in keyboards, stand-alone keyboards for tablets, phones and such, and for a short time, I actually used a roll-up keyboard, but the play in the keys themselves left much to be desired. I bought it steeply discounted, and now I know why. Crappy piece of equipment. Looks cool. Does not really work, at least, not for me.

The Apple keyboard is available through Apple.

The case? From someplace like amazon?

Incase Origami Workstation for iPad 2 and iPad (Black)

The coolest accessory, for an Apple computer, an iTablet, or iPhone? The regular old, Apple Keyboard. Simple, Bluetooth keyboard, and this one? The keyboard this written with?

It’s on its fifth iPad.


I’ve tried other keyboards, but I keep coming back to this one. If it ain’t broke? Don’t fix it.


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