Online Reviews, Accessories and Veracity on the Internets

Online Reviews, Accessories and Veracity on the Internets

The original article is buried, but it wasn’t from this link; however, I have to admit, it’s one of the very few online reviews that accurately catches a product’s detailing, and adequately covers the subject.

Based on another affiliate’s review, I bought an Origami Workstation, which is nothing more than an Apple Wireless Keyboard holder, and the “origami workstation” folds out to offer a slot to hold an iPad. Or smart phone, I suppose, or any of the other “convergent” technologies, the phone-tablet combinations.

California, I guess, this just highlights that everyone out on the Left Coast should have an “earthquake preparedness kit.” In parts of North Texas, it’s a “tornado kit,” and here? I have a “hurricane box,” although, in all honesty, there’s not much need for such a collection. A direct hit to my current location would result no electricity for a day or two, be my guess. I’ve got candles, water, books, some canned food, beef jerky, and granola bars. Batteries and duck tape, what else could I need?

My coastal “go box” is an oversized, collapsible plastic crate, about the size of two milk crates, side by side. My “origami workstation” stays in that box. Got a spare phone charger, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, sunscreen, hat, and then whatever is required for the next trip, to include bottles of water, jerky, power bars, whatever is in vogue, along with this week’s fishing tackle that is — allegedly — hot.

That Origami Workstation is invaluable, now. It’s been linked to at least three different devices, thus far, and as advertised, it works. It’s not much more than some kind of wrapper for a wireless keyboard, which, as keyboards go, is useful with good tactile feedback.

The package it lightweight, and although I could drop it into a backpack or carry-on bag, right now, it lives in the coast box. My coastal “suitcase.”

I’ve grown wary of online reviews, even from trusted sources like that first link. Yet, even with my increasing circumspection, that one review rings true. I’ve paid considerably less for various apps, and found many of those purchases to be an exercise in futility. Couple of standard apps work just fine, and then, like that Origami Workstation, just the basic thing — device agnostic — works just fine.

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