Millennials and the Myth of More

One of the more interesting info-graphics was about The Millennials, but that graphic gave it a wide berth on the date range. Cited from memory, and therefore, not fact-checked, it listed the Millennials as born between 1980 and 2000 (+). Then it stated, “There are more millennials than boomers.”

My categories for generations are different, as I tend to use astrology markers as generational signatures rather than pseudo-intellectual, pop-psych sociology.

One lazy Sunday morning, reading online material, I stumbled across an allusion to The Myth of More, and looking, the author’s birth data suggests, “Millennial,” by some definition of the term.

The first astrological marker starts in late 1979, or rather, echoes back to 1960, when Saturn and Jupiter were closely aligned in Capricorn. Jump ahead, 1980, Saturn and Jupiter are closely aligned in Virgo, making that the first part of the “Millennial (astrological) Signature.”

Doing a reading, I finally had that light-bulb moment, looking at a so-called “Millennial” client, not hipster, not a millennial, just a person suffering with that tag, and I realized, that the driving motivation for a “millennial” is not stuff. Not material acquisition, but experience.

If that sounds familiar, it’s because, previously, I’ve used that for the “in-between generation,” those born between 1960 and 1970, roughly, the “Un-Boomers.”

My people,” I recently remarked.

In one of my weblog’s first variants, I adopted a tag line, “Experimental and Experiential” because that’s what this effort was mostly about. Still is, by and large, both experimental and experiential.

Millennials and the Myth of More

In passing, I’ve noted that I’m part of the generation that is more interested in an experience than an object. Sounds familiar as I use that as a way to define the “in-betweeners,” as much as anything else. Encapsulates an idea in a short phrase.

What’s happening, though, is the so-called “Millennials” are rejecting conventional wisdom, and in its place?


Buddy of mine, fishing buddy, fits the term “Millennial,” by age, and by astrology chart, he’s more interested in family memories that reside on a plethora of flash drives, that’s more important than the kind of camera or the computer brand used to make and view the images.

The “Pluto in Leo” generation gave us the consumer generation, born out being raised with nothing, the depression era families. That sense of lack gives them a mistaken need for “material wealth,” and then, in answer to that? Millennials.

  • Millennials and the Myth of More? Package up an experience, not an item, but something that reflects an emotional content.

Oddly enough, current data suggests that “Millennial Males” prefer real books to e-books.

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel


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