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Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

In my BareFoot Astrology, for Scorpio, I use the analogy of water and sand. That sand, it was a big rock until the (Scorpio) water worked on it. Wore it away, over the years. Aeons, even. Nothing seems to be stronger than Scorpio water. Scorpio Water will eventually wear away anything. Strong stuff.

Saturn is associated with the sign Capricorn. Saturn is the pretty one, quite photogenic, rings and all. Saturn makes a 28 year orbit around the Sun.

In my astrology, Saturn is the taskmaster. Saturn obviates what needs to be addressed.

Saturn in a particular sign will have different effects on other signs; all depends. Nothing beats a good look at that, if you’re curious.

Saturn in Scorpio?

Oct. 5, 2012 to Dec. 23 2014 (final Sep. 17 2015)
There’s a generational observation comes to mind, birth dates between 1955 and 1970, all have Neptune in Scorpio. In the next couple of years, Neptune will get lit up by Saturn in Scorpio.

What it means?

Not long ago, during a reading, a client categorized herself as a “Cafeteria Catholic,” and I looked uncertain.

“Ah c’mon, you know, Cafeteria Catholic, take the parts that you like and leave the rest on the serving line.”

I get that. I’ve long used the line “Catholic Light,” as in, “All the ritual, and half the guilt,” but there’s still residual guilt. Part of the Xtain universe, near as I can tell. Original Sin and all that.

With Saturn in going into Scorpio and with a huge percentage of the population being hit by that? Half boomers, all of my “in between” generation? This will be a big deal.

Too cheap to get a reading from me? How I address this, over and over, is simple.

Codify your belief system.

Simple headline, almost a bumper sticker, but it works on many different levels. I have one client, means sorting out the mental stuff and getting straight with that person’s church.

In more general way, I tend to see this as a chance to organize and add order to that, “Cafeteria Catholic” belief system. There are aspect of the Xtian faiths, most of the brands, that I found quite useful. Forgiveness, tolerance, be nice to your neighbor, that stuff. Don’t lie cheat or steal — or get caught.

Take the parts that work. I leaven my mixture with a heavy dose of Zen Buddhism, a touch of the Tao, and some of the old Roman philosophers. I always enjoyed Marcus Aurelius, the Xtians adopted him when, in fact, he was more stoic and quite pantheistic. However, he doesn’t offend and stretches across several belief systems.

Part of what this is about. Add order to chaos.

Saturn in Scorpio, fixed water sign meets a taskmaster. Add order to chaos. Or, like I’ve suggested, especially for the generations thusly impacted? Codify the belief system.

Conversely, people who are morally adrift? Can be a problem as there’s nothing to codify. Two more expressions come up, to add to that.

“I’m spiritual, not religious.”

And, of course:

“I don’t like organized religion.

I like it cafeteria style; take the parts that work, what tastes good, and skip the parts that are dull and listless, or skip the parts devoid of meaning.

I’ll contend that both those comments are lessons in a person morally adrift. I’m not preaching any particular brand of faith, not a big fan of Muslim, but again, I’m not preaching, just pointing out that there is an innate human need for meaning, belief and faith.

Best place to start looking? Various churches. Find one that has the buffet the seeker wants. Look for common elements that satisfy. Find some grounding.

Doesn’t begin and end with church. There’s a need for community. There’s a very human need for community, a group of like-minded people. Drop me in a circle with witches, a coven, a handful of new-agers, wherever, and I find my common ground. Share and care. It helps.

Saturn going into Scorpio is going to be about testing that faith on a soul level, and that’s for everyone. How rock-solid is that foundation, “Spiritual, not religious”?

Especially for my generation, my people, but in the dates as outline, bringing some kind of order to various belief systems helps.

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  • rhubarb Aug 22, 2012 @ 17:06

    I think that generation 1955-1970 is in for a rough ride. The people who see the writing on the wall and adjust early, I think, will fare best. But those who stubbornly cling to dysfunctional beliefs and actions are going to have a hard time, what with Neptune’s ability for self-deception. Thing is, this is the generation running things now–so we’ll all suffer from their misguided decisions, outdated or just plain wrong belief systems.

  • Kramer Wetzel Aug 23, 2012 @ 6:21

    I always say

    The extreme Christian right
    Won’t go down
    Without a fight

  • piper Sep 10, 2012 @ 23:27

    Spot on.

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