Wet Fuel Cell

Wet Fuel Cell

Hard to imagine, the sign is gone.

Wet Fuel Cell

There is no more marking on the wings of the older 737–300, which, I suspect, are gradually being phased out. It’s been, most near as I can tell, 20–25 years I’ve been a loyal SWA customer. Watched them grow, quite a bit from a regional puddle-jumper, to an almost corporate giant.

Wet Fuel Cell

That was what inspired me. Weird. I’ve written about it before, but the question popped up again on the last commuter flight, with a single regret on my part.

I don’t have a digital image of that. Nowhere.

Wet Fuel Cell inspired what became its own strange brew, the fine print, and if you’re reading this? Then you already agreed to it. All of it. Including, “Wet Fuel Cell, do not remove.”

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