Wet Fuel Cell

I’m unsure of how it happened, but eventually, that “wet fuel cell/do not remove” comment became symbolic, in my mind, as part of the fine print. To make it even more amusing, number one, that set of disclaimers is legally binding, and as a second notion, those disclaimers came to serve as a valid End User License Agreement, privacy policy, and terms of service. Besides Wet Fuel Cell, I’ve always liked the catch all, “If this changes, you agree to those changes” part.

I was working with a banker, at one time, trying to trim the credit card costs, and he wanted to see the privacy policy. There it was, in all its legalese. The problem being, the document runs long. Yeah, well, so do I. He was looking for a short legal statement, almost a form, like everyone else.

As I was staring out that window, looking at the “wet fuel cell/do not remove” letters stenciled on the wing, I thought about the banker, my EULA, and how, like much of what I do, I don’t follow prescribed formats. And by now? Probably won’t happen.

Laetri edimus qui nos subigant.
— kramer wetzel
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