Microsoft Surface

Killing time, I wandered from a busy Apple store, across the walkway to a Microsoft store, not nearly as busy.

What I do, get an image of what my sites look like on other operating systems. I picked a Pro Surface thing, tapped the address into the attached the keypad, and watched. Little lights ran along a horizontal line, cool graphics. My site didn’t pull up. I typed another address of mine into the Pro. Nothing.

    When I use an outboard keyboard with my iPad, I favor a stock Apple wireless keyboard and (something) origami case as a prop. Usually, though, I just use the on-screen thing. The Surface keypad was very cool, to touch, to work with.

I moved to the next machine, a regular Surface, not a pro pad. Both sites popped up. Fast pipeline. A sweet and quite fetching Scorpio lass in Microsoft garb starts gabbing. I toy with the tablet and enjoy the experience, pulling up a few sites just to check the view.

She sees the horoscopes, allow as how she reads a certain site, not mine, but she’s in tune. How I find out she’s Scorpio, now she gets my card. I move back to the Surface Pro, and ask if it’s connected to the Internet. I’m assured it is, but no sites pull up.

“It’s a computer, you know, some times, you just have to restart it.”

My phone buzzed. I was summoned elsewhere.

Same sites pulled up flawlessly across the way, at the Apple store.

Too bad, as I liked that Scorpio.

Mentioned that technicality in a horoscope recently, too.