Eclipse, Libra, Aries

Eclipse, Libra, Aries
From the Drive-By Truckers

Shut Up and Get on the Plane

Screaming engines, shooting flames
Dirty needles and cheap cocaine
Some gal’s old man with a gun
To me it’s all the same…

Then earlier in the song, there’s the poetical moment that grabbed me the most:

Guess the price of being sober’s being scared out of your mind

The order is backwards, but then, that’s how I work some days. I stumbled into the band, “The Drive By Truckers” quite by accident. It’s that Southern Gothic Rock Army, think Allman Brothers, the Outlaws, or any other band from that era, and then sprinkle in the Who’s Quadrophenia, as it was less than spectacular Rock Opera, too. Although, for my dollars, I think the Who’s Quadrophenia is artistically superior, from that canon, but that’s just me.

Walking, the other afternoon, been a bitterly cold spring, and I haven’t been outside as much as I like. I had the earbuds in, and there was that song, “The price of being sober is being scared out of your mind…”

There’s always backstory, and I don’t feel like getting into it, but it fit with a very Aries situation, just go with it, “Being sober means being scared out of your mind.”

I stopped at Sip for an afternoon coffee. The owner, Aries, was there. We discussed briefly how it’s going, and I tried to concisely describe the Grand Cardinal Cross, and he spoke in rapid fire manner, Aries, remember? He spoke about being afraid to fly in the next month.

The lyrics? The chorus lines?

When it comes your time to go, ain’t no good way to go about it
Ain’t no use in thinking bout it
You’ll just drive yourself insane
There comes a time for everything
And the time has come for you to shut your mouth and get your ass on the plane

Because I grew up with air travel as a matter of daily existence, and I use air travel frequently, to this day, I know the most dangerous part of any air travel is getting to or from the airport, current events notwithstanding, the numbers don’t lie.

After reflecting on the short conversation, and thinking about the oddly synchronisity of those very lyrics popping up right before I pulled the earbuds out and walked into the coffee shop? Chorus ringing in my ears?

The wheels are in motion. I’ve been hearing from Aries and Libra, mostly, but Cancer and Capricorn are chiming in, with harrowing tales of derring-do, valor, hardship, fears, fears surmounted, and the weird ex-lovers come back to haunt like old ghosts. It’s all there. Southern Gothic, at its finest.

Some days, pay attention here, some days, the universe just hands me symbolism that is frankly unavoidable. I tossed down my coffee, wandered into the downtown cathedral to pray, meditate, as is my custom.

I kneel on the little padded kneeling thing, part of my own ritual, cross myself, bow my head, clasp my hands and repeat my mantra to my Goddess. I know, She’s got a sense of humor since it’s a catholic church, archdiocese of San Antonio, but She abides, like the Dude.

That chapel is scared ground, for whatever one believes, not limited to rosary folks. On the another side of the aisle, though, a young man was reading his catechism from a text. He was quiet, but as the only sound in the church, it was frankly annoying to me. I prefer to recite my mantra 27 times, and his penance was interfering with my meditation.

That ire, it rises, like a red-heat bubble of indigestion, then I thought, wait, this is perfect, the Aries (Mars retrograde opposite Aries, in Libra) irritation. It’s an example. Just when I want a little peace and quiet, some Catholic guy has to recite his lines, out loud, profess his guilt, I don’t know exactly, but he was in trouble, and this the Lenten season, he was doing some kind of penance, I’m sure.

From Aries irritation to Sagittarius amusement. How often does the universe serve up such obvious symbols?

Guess the price of being sober’s being scared out of your mind

Southern Rock Opera – Drive-By Truckers

Writer(s): Mike, Rob Malone, Earl Hicks, Brad Morgan, Patterson Hood
Copyright: Razor & Tie Music Pub O.B.O. Wayward Johnson Music, Wayward Johnson Music

Eclipse, Libra, Aries
As noted, here, 2:46 AM, CDT.

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