Uranus Square Pluto

Uranus Square Pluto:
It’s an astrology update, and look at how we’re doing: Uranus Square Pluto, and the cardinal cross. My earlier work dates to 2011, here.

Uranus Square Pluto

There was a much made of a “grand water trine” not long ago. Buddy asked what I thought about it. “Meh,” was all I could muster. Is it good? Sure. Wonderful? Yes, that too. What happens with real people, though, is that the “grand water trine” means we wake up feeling good, skip the morning workout and roll in to work a few minutes late because there was a long line to get coffee. No one cares. Mmm, coffee.

Made me stop and think about the first time I saw the original Starbucks logo. Not the sanitized one that adorns several highway signs, but the original. It was white ink on a coffee-colored background. A mermaid with twin tails, perhaps a Neptune influence, or a Pisces/Gemini allusion? She also had naked breasts, clearly identified as such by the nipples.

Might be my own prurient take on the image. Still. I was in Seattle, at the time, and I made a trek to the original Starbucks store because it seemed like the most correct course of action. Turns out there are several — in my mind better — coffee shops nearby, but that’s not what this is about.

Corporate growth, the explosion of “coffee culture,” and then, the education of the masses about true coffee etiquette, most of that growth can be easily traced to Starbucks. That company exported coffee culture and still promotes the “coffee shop experience,” sort of the standard. I’m not complaining, as this phenomena dates back at least 500 years now, if one is acquainted the deep history of coffee and places that serve coffee. I’ve had a passing interest in that for the last few years, not really a serious student, but, you know, I’ve picked up odd bits of arcane coffee knowledge along the way.

What’s coffee, Seattle, and anything else have to do with Uranus Square Pluto?

Mars (Sun) ‘squared’ Pluto ‘squared’ Uranus a couple of days back. The Moon was also a factor, but less, due to her ephemeral and fleeting nature.

Uranus Square Pluto

Sets up for change. Change is constant.

When I first moved to San Antonio, I was much gratified to locate and frequent a couple of small, independent coffee shops. Handcrafted beverages, slow-pull espresso, the “spoutless” espresso basket, all tools of the trade and all make for a better coffee shop experience. Gradually, though, my routine changed. Up before dawn in the summer months, mediate and then walk, no one is open but the ubiquitous Starbucks.

It’s a stagger to get there, and lift in the walk home, clutching a caffeinated beverage of one stripe or another. Lately it’s been a “Grande Americano,” but I’ll vacillate between that and several cappuccino variants as well, “non-fat-cap” and one made with heavy cream (breve).

None of the other, too cool places are open at that hour.

Then, too, there was a bonding with the early morning crew, a non-Pisces Pisces, a Leo, a pair of Aries, then a Taurus, and the list goes on and on. The favorite was always a “wannabe-thug” Sagittarius. Sag doesn’t do a good job of being a hooligan, but nice try for the chollo-vato thing.

Part of what I teach is how to effectively use the transits of the planets. The better news is this is an on-going class, as there’s never any shortage of material.

After lambasting and decimating Starbucks (decimate: to reduce by one-tenth), then openly admitting, between pre-dawn walks, and loyalty to the staff, I tend to favor that place, there’s whipsaw of opinion and no clear course.

Pluto square Uranus. Grand Cardinal T-Cross. Upsetting the way things are? Sure. I made coffee at home then took an eight o’clock break, and went to a different location.

Change it up. Change up the routine. Or try something different. This is either, in my example, by choice, or, for the struggling victim of a bad astrology transit, coercion.

I favor choice, and making a decision to try something different, just for the sake of change.

It’s your call.

“The planets incline but do not dictate.”

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  • Rhubarb Aug 2, 2013 @ 10:22

    Making a choice, always better. Only victims choose to be coerced. Even in vile circumstances (much worse than which coffee establishment to frequent), there can be a choice. And in choosing, a kind of liberation. A suicidal friend of mine said that he wanted to have a true choice, just once, and he felt the only aspect of his life open to choice was to end it. Or not. That it would finally give him freedom.

    We talked. He discovered other choices. Life moved on. Sometimes you have to choose to wait, for aspects to change, for other opportunities/challenges to present themselves.

    It was quite a time.

  • Rhubarb Aug 2, 2013 @ 10:24

    Long comment written. Disappeared. Black Hole? Or Pluto’s influence?

  • Rhubarb Aug 2, 2013 @ 10:46

    Making a choice just to do it differently, yeah, I get that. Some days I’d go to work the “long” way around, so I could drive different streets, stop at a different coffee shop, see different vistas. Change is good, shakes up the perceptions, wakes up the spirit, rattles the cages. But only if accompanied by coffee–hot, black, strong. Red eye.

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