Lee Child’s Jack Reacher

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher
Never Go Back
Late to the party, that’s me.

I was cooking breakfast, and I realized that there’s a single passage from the latest “Jack Reacher” installment, Never Go Back, a simple description that reminded me of street credentials. Proof, in the description that the author had, at one time, been there. Done that.

Been there, done that.

There’s a slight twist that intrigued me with this tale, part of a red herring diversionary plot device that was equally interesting. Simple trick, simple twist, nothing new, could be a scene painted right out of a B-Movie, but I liked the little trick.

I’ve been reading these books since the first edition in paperback, so I’m up with some of the character’s history. Saw the movie, too, and thought, “Seriously? WTF?”

The lead actor was wrong for the part, but that’s a literary problem when a written work is “adapted” to the screen.

The single scene, as I was preparing some fried eggs and bacon for breakfast, that single scene echoed in the corridors of my mind.

Never Go Back

The series, as a whole, is formula-driven, and the author admitted it was written to be “commercial,” which, being duly noted, doesn’t mean that the tale can’t be a ripping good yard.

To me, it is.

I’ll add, as an e-book, I checked mine out of the library, and that made it a more satisfying reading experience.

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