Machete or Machete Kills
A Robert Rodriguez film as a vehicle for Danny Trejo, way I heard it.

Couldn’t have been more fun in a rude, raucous, profane manner. The biggest guess was what was shot where with some actual shooting taking place, I’m sure, in Bexar County itself.

There’s a loose narrative, with Mr. Machete as the thread, and features include whorehouses, cameo roles, blowing stuff up, vans doing barrel rolls, and, of course, a maniacal Mel Gibson as a gloating evil would-be overlord.

Done in cartoon colors, with certain themes lovingly handled, it’s a bodacious romp through a fantasy world.

Big hint: watch the trailers at the beginning.

We’ve seen this before.

Great stuff. Better than anything else on the screen these days. Really.