Austin, Texas, astrology chart readings

Austin, Texas, astrology chart readings

In Austin, one more time, featured at Nature’s Treasures….

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Like coffee shops and beauty shops

Austin, Texas, astrology chart readings

Mercury Reminder

Mercury Reminder or Mercury Remixed? Either way it’s another Portable Mercury Retrograde kind of a tale.

Portable Mercury Retrograde

The original image is here, via the ubiquitous side-project, which, in itself, is nothing more than an un-curated collection of images that aren’t connected by any other strand other than that geographic location. All from within the confines of Bexar County itself. San Antonio, TX to outsiders.

Also where the cover art came from, and that, itself was one of the best, in my own opinion. I’ve been told it’s misunderstood, but makes me happy, and that means I’m artistically pure, no?

The message was: “Careful Dr. Pepper Splashes, sorry Mgmt.”

The message brings back a memory of Austin, along the old Hike and Bike trail, and at time when there was a trailer park on the edge of the river. Lake. Whatever. Summer afternoons, in hundred degree heat, I’d wander into one store, buy a hot link and bottle of water, and then 200 meters further along, stop and get a large paper cup filled with ice and Dr. Pepper. At the one store, the Dr. Pepper squirter ran rich, so there was too much syrup and made for that achingly sweet mix, but as the ice melted on the way home, and then, late into the afternoon, that worked out much better. As the mixture watered down, it tasted better.

When I captured (snapped) the image itself, I’m guessing it’s, like, a Taco Cabana, or similar venue, with its self-serve coke.

The image, rolling along with Mr. Mercury’s projected retrograde pattern in Scorpio, brings back the image — and taste — of that Dr. Pepper in South Austin (before trailers parks were trendy), with an echo of BBQ, unsweet ice tea, and Dr. Pepper from fountain, with the mix on the syrup set too thick. and its family of websites participate in affiliate programs, which means there are material connections between the ads, and this site. for appearances —
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