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Besides, it was in a coffee shop the other morning, I was quietly tucked into a corner with a client, discussing important matters. In walks a well-known personality, often noted for erratic mental stability, “You know, Jesus was just a carpenter, and he’s like other carpenters, just waiting to come back to finish the job. Any day now….”

So anyway:

This article was both funny and accurate. Painfully so.

I checked the advertising I had running on the site, and it was generating about a buck, that’s one dollar (US $1.00) per month. Weighed against the effort to police and maintain the code? Not really a good deal. So just clipped it all out.

But I did leave the Amazon stuff. Some quarters, the Amazon links generate some real cash - book credit - actually. Some quarters, not so much. But there’s a second side to the my version of the Amazon tale, and that’s why I found the linked story so amusing. I feel the pain. I’ve been there. While the original set-up was rather easy for me, understanding the arcane and possibly mystical price structure of retail versus Amazon versus wholesaler is scary.

>Payment made to: KRAMER WETZEL
>Payment date: 28-SEP-2006
>Payment currency: USD
>Payment amount: 2.46

Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!

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