Eclipse Patterns Redux

Eclipse Patterns Redux

Not even a rerun, this is Eclipse Patterns Redux, the eclipse patterns for 2013, now in review. Careful readers will note that material has already been covered, in the aforementioned, eclipse patterns of 2013.

It was linked from the first horoscope of the year. It’s been referred to and alluded to over and over. Before any hue and cry about how the sky is falling occurs, let’s look at what’s been said before.

At the tale end of this year, there’s Venus Retrograde period and followed by a Mars Retrograde period, in 2014.

For one, low price, 99 cents, I’ll fix that for you.

The Mars (retrograde) in a Minute
And Venus in Retrograde.

99 cents each. The Eclipse Patterns Redux? That’s still free, here.
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