Eclipse Patterns in 2013

Stardust Motel

Stardust Motel

2013 Eclipse Pattern, in short —
Eclipse patterns always remind me of Shakespeare’s passage from King Lear, “These late eclipses portend no good….”

The problem with the problem is that eclipses don’t portend “no good,” rather, it’s like Hamlet says, “Nothing’s good or bad but thinking makes it so…”

What I try to impress with sensitive points in an eclipse pattern, the information I try to convey, is that there is tremendously useful, but highly unstable, energy loose upon the world.

    May 10, 25 Taurus (Solar) and Gemini (Lunar);
    October 18, Libra (Lunar);
    November 3, Scorpio (Solar).

What it means? Eclipses are about opposites. Up is now down, White is the New Black. Black is the New Black. No, white is black. Up is now down and the opposite.

I haven’t fired many shotguns in my lifetime, nor, for that matter, do I aim to fire any more. Friend of a friend had a “street sweeper,” and we played with it one time, outside, blasting away at various targets along the creek’s bank. Sort of fun, possibly illegal, sawed-off, I think it was 20-gauge. Memory isn’t much. Didn’t have much kick, could clear a wide swath of the fall undergrowth.

Double-barreled, as I recall. Two shots, then crack the barrel open to pop the spent shells out, and load two more. In this example, imagine, with those eclipse patterns, imagine cracking the barrel open, shaking out the two spent casings, loading two more, popping it back shut, then firing rapidly, then doing it again, for a total of at least six shots, three sets of two, through the weapon.

Sawed off shotgun, great spread, not a lot of concentration, but if I recall, didn’t want to be in front of that line of fire.

The eclipses, especially the Solar Eclipse, that — potentially — starts something.

However, like the scattergun approach, I’m unsure of what will land. That’s the inherent instability associated with the lunar phase, the eclipse pattern. Possibly, that’s why Shakespeare’s astrological lore suggested that “eclipses portend no good.”

The trick to make the best use of these patterns? Figure out where the individual eclipse point to in a chart, which house, what planets, those are the clues. Then, grab that scattergun, and fire away. Something is bound to wing an idea, give it a firm root, land a big fish. Something. It’s just, out of six shells fired? One hit a target. Wasn’t even what we were aiming at, just got lucky.

Like with an eclipse.