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Several place online are starting to leave Google. I have a Google Account. You can hit on the “Google Plus” thing. You can find me on several similar sites:

facebook.com/astrofish.net twitter.com/kramerw astrofish.tumblr

LinkedIn Google

Here’s the deal, I don’t necessarily spend time there. Easiest way to connect is via email.

I cannot stress enough, the joy and legal freedom that comes with operating my own server, pursuant and beholden only to my own Terms of Service.

This dates back more than 20 years, and as a legal point, there’s a very thin line. However, emailing me at my address, here, the content becomes mine. Then, too, there’a privacy issue.

One observant reader pointed that very little email is really, truly secure, and that’s not the question. However, Google and their mantra, “Do no evil,” is fine except that Google knows more about you than your mate. Where you surf, what you look for, shop for, addresses, and Google Maps knows that I keep looking at a certain spot on the Gulf Coast (fishing).

Hate for Google to discover where all the big Redfish are. My secret.

Since 1998, I’ve had (my name, Kramer) then the “at” symbol, then my url, astrofish.net, as an email address.

Bizarre Mail Collection:
Catch my email here.

Dear Webmaster,

I recently received notice from Google that they have “detected unnatural links” pointing to my company’s website www.sofa.com. We have also a sharp decline in organic search traffic from Google. The only way that Google will consider lifting the penalty, and for us to get our organic traffic back, is by getting these links removed. This is where I really need your help!

The details of the link are:
• The link can be found on your website here: astrofish.net
• This link points to our website

Failure to remove the link would require me to file a “disavow links” report with Google. My concern is that if I submit your site in this report to Google, they may flag your site as spammy or otherwise not in compliance with their guidelines. The last thing I want is somebody else going through this grief!

Your prompt attention to this matter, along with a confirmation that the link has been removed, would be highly appreciated.

Sorry for the hassle and thanks in advance for your help.

That was one link, all I could find. Pointed to a specific product, from an old horoscope. All I got. Seriously.

    Name: Redacted
    Comment: Love your horoscopes! Back when you were
    featured on AOL, you had a guide to how to catch each
    sign…tacklebox something or other….

    Does that still exist and how do I find it?

You’re very welcome!

Right here. Always amazes me what is evergreen.

Here’s a hint: “like” astrofish.net on FB and get the book for free…

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  • Sarah Smith May 2, 2013 @ 19:09

    You mention the joy and legal freedom that comes with operating your own server — I take that as emblematic of your entire lifestyle, and I admire it.

  • Kramer Wetzel May 2, 2013 @ 20:46

    Sort of, “beholden unto nobody?”

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