Binaural Beats, Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury in Retrograde

It started with Led Zeppelin. I’m thinking it was Led Zep II, but I can’t get the dates to coincide with my own timeline. Some parts don’t fit correctly, or maybe I was just a late bloomer. I had a cassette player, a Dolby Stereo cassette player, and a set of headphones. What would make more sense would be the Yes album. Still, the ear-worm is in place, it was Page and Plant, as near as my fading memory can recall. On those headphones, the audio, which was a feat of engineering in that time, panned from one side to the other.

This kind of audio chicanery is nothing new, but it was awesome, man, at the time. I’ve got a couple of “mix tape” series, notably Norman Cook (FatBoy Slim) wherein the same effects are employed. These days, this kind of digital mix and mash isn’t such an enormous deal.

All one has to do is push the button.

Binaural Beats, Mercury in Retrograde

At the bottom of the aforementioned Mercury in Retrograde page, there’s a link for a series of audio files. In addition to those files, there’s also a series of other links I buried through the horoscopes, as ‘Mercury in Retrograde’ audio reminders.

The Binaural Beats is setup, and I really did toy with settings to get these things right. No, not the ones for sale on the page, but a couple of other places.

The first (now free) Mercury Meditation.

    Should be portable, downloadable, and not safe to listen to while operating a vehicle or heavy equipment.

Some restriction may apply.

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