Mercury Meditations

I have a special treat. It’s an mp3 audio file, the first portion, about ten minutes, of “Mercury Retrograde Begone” meditational music. It’s buried in the horoscopes.

We were talking, the other weekend, and I had yet to hear him perform, or, for that matter really sample any of his music. There’s some online, for free. Check it out.

I was asking about a sample that might work for a Mercury Retrograde piece and he veered of on a description of some experimental material — words, all spoken word, all words spoken by him, then layered back across themselves. I was given to understand that the layers were hundreds of levels deep. Take the track, break the track, balance the track, then offset it. Layered. Repeat.

“Break it on down.”

Lawrence is, obviously, British. Lives in North London. In person, he’s a — there’s got to be a heap of Sagittarius in his chart — he showed up in shorts and sweater vest, switched to purple pants, and for his performance, he wore a wizard’s cap. Whole wizard outfit.

Previously, I mentioned him the Virgo horoscopes.

He’s — like most Virgo guys I know — a very drily funny man. I’m unsure of his roots or particulars. Just got the Virgo part, and the bottom of one his pages, shows him with merry laugh. Kind of caught in action, the way it should be.

More about Lawrence Ball and his music can be found at