Experiments in Digital Storage

This is a test. I toyed with a piece of web software that turned a website into a PDF document. My first idea was to roll all of 14 years (one half of Saturn’s orbit), kramerwetzel.com into either single digital archive and reduce the load of serving up dynamically generated web pages, whenever that material was called for.

So here it is, the whole last 12 year, looks like, should be here, sans comments, and the links are footnotes.

There is a small amount of overlap, as the first half-dozen years are still online in straight HTML format. However, as a whole year, each one of those years is rather unwieldy as nothing more than raw source material. Possible to search, but eventually, I plugged the important stuff into kramerwetzel.com’s database. Part of the problem, as I have zero interest in maintaining a yet-another free-standing (site within a site) with concomitant updates and upgrades, plus bandwidth and CPU time. All of that costs money. Money and time.

Really not interested in the maintenance issues and upkeep. I was hoping a PDF file was a suitably permanent. On the web, so it would be searchable, etc.

The other problem? Not everything is good. It’s daily.

You got a reading from me before.

Now’s the time to get caught up on what this next year will be like, and do this before Mercury is Retrograde

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  • Sarah Smith Dec 29, 2012 @ 12:47

    You’ve done this for many years, juggling sites and sites-within-sites, and done so admirably. Time to streamline? Certainly preferable to do less maintenance and fiddling, if possible.

  • Kramer Wetzel Dec 30, 2012 @ 8:35

    simplify, i think…

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