Anita Scorp

While in the DC area, one morning, what looked like a decent idea, Anita’s “New Mexico” style Mexican food.

The URL read, to me, “Anita Scorp,” here.

While I tend to eschew chains, other than obvious choices, the allure of Real New Mexico cuisine is difficult to pass up. Having been at Santa Fe’s Plaza Cafe, not much more than a month before? Invites hope and comparison.

The corn chips were over-toasted, or from a package, as were the flour tortillas, and the single, small serving of hot sauce, while warm, might’ve been from a can. The main dishes, Carne Adovado, for me, that was properly executed.

For being 2,000 miles away? Decent.

Big plus for that sad mural on the wall, buried in the imagery was an obvious nod to the Plaza Cafe.

Good Eats.