On the flight up to DC, Washington DC, really early flight, I watched as a “lady” struggled with an incorrectly named suitcase, a “carry-on,” trying to heft that overpacked, over-stuffed suitcase into the overhead bin.

She almost dropped her suitcase on another passenger.

Some gentleman, not me as I was in a window seat, got up and helped jam the too-large suitcase into the overhead rack.

Just a suggestion, if you can’t manage your own carry-on, maybe it should be checked. SWA is usually pretty good about what they will and won’t allow. I haven’t flown any other airline since the baggage fee was instituted; SWA doesn’t charge for bags.(1)

Watching that girl struggle with a suitcase she could not control? Reminded me of another fact-checking issue. TV show — Leverage — kind of a fun diversion, bad guys doing good things, they had an interesting spin on the mysterious D.B. Cooper case. Modern myth, and the cameo role was played by Fred Ward, one of the best nobodies in film.

The episode was a fun romp through the seventies, and the missing hijacker. What got to me, planes of that era, especially a 727 as shown, those planes had overhead shelves, not bins.

Small, insignificant detail, but enough to make me think I should note the flaw. Side burns, mustaches, and hair styles, including white Go-Go boots, sure that worked. The overhead bins instead of shelves? Looks like the airplane interior(2) was from the late 1980’s.

Flying through — flying over — the remnants of Isaac, I couldn’t help but think about “Brother Gary (3),” volunteering to stay in New Orleans. Such a typical Austin person, he is. He has survivalist training, I guessed he was sitting, waiting, hoping for intrusion.

He’s brought true Louisiana cuisine for T-day, Turducken, a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, stuffed with a ham, stuffed with beef sausage. Begs the question, how many farm animals can you fit on one plate, or, in this case, in one serving?

The trick to not gaining weight at T-Day? Just eat the Turducken. That and dessert. Turducken and apple, cherry pies. Just fruits and meats.

Traveling with Kids:
Sister, my sister, is an archetypical Gemini. I know, from piecing together family lore, that we travelled when she was two years old. Air travel(4). On and off airplanes, with a two-year old in tow.

That takes intestinal fortitude I frankly lack.

    (1) There is some deal, like first two bags are free on the cheap sets, which is pretty much every seat, and there’s a charge if the bag weighs more than 50 pounds. Still, easy rules to abide by.

    (2) I’m sure it was a stock-studio set, not a real airplane.

    (3) Massage Therapist, yogi, Concealed Handgun Trainer — typical Austin.

    (4) cf., astrofish.net/travel

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  • rhubarb Sep 2, 2012 @ 10:58

    Travelling with a two-year-old bad enough, but a typical Gemini? Chatter, chatter, chatter, ready to bolt and explore everything in sight, questions galore, nervous energy that crackles. I shudder to think of it. My daughter’s a Virgo, thank the gods.

    And what on earth are you doing in DC–you think Austin is weird??

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