Crop Circles

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There’s always an elegiac tone, flying over the American Southwest. Typically on South West Air, but not always. Landing in El Paso, as I have for the last dozen or more years, approaching from the east, the agricultural crop circles are obvious. On one farm, someplace in West Texas, there are four circles, nestled between two dusty peaks, clearly visible from the air.

I’m unsure of some of the details, but as I understand it, well water gets pumped up to a circular watering system, a gigantic sprinkler, and that turns the round patch green.

What’s weird is seeing it, over and over, watching the circles rotate and change colors, from new green to an unnatural verdant cover against the backdrop of the desert’s ochre, to brown, to dust, and yet, the circle next to it will be green — and growing again.

Crop circles. Circle of life. Taming the desert by pumping up ground water.

The other side of the plane, the Monahans Sand Dunes are clearly visible, a broad, white streak. White sands.

All started with “Wet Fuel Cell, Do Not Remove.”

History note:
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