Wet Fuel Cell

Wet Fuel Cell:
As far as brands and branding, one of the companies I use, I would endorse, is the currently beleaguered SouthWest Airlines.


What I like is the service, the consistent, non-linear, solutions to perceived problems.

SWA was started as a Texas commuter special from Dallas (Love Field) to San Antonio to Houston and back to Dallas. One plane, one class, no frills, and low fares.

I hop to El Paso several times a year. There are other options, but SouthWest is direct, no transfer through the big one, DFW – the other Dallas Airport.


It was on one of those old, 737 – 300, I kept noting the hatch cover, out the window, on the wing, ‘wet fuel cell, do not remove.’ That spawned the ever growing fine print. (And before the feds required disclosure.)

Started maybe a dozen years ago, I used the heading ‘wet fuel cell’ as a place holder.

Last 300 series I rode in, week or two ago, the lettering on the hatch was gone. Updates, I’m sure.

The most wear and tear on aircraft occurs on landing. SWA does a lot of touch and go, hopping from city to city, and sometimes, I think they land on any piece of concrete long enough.

Tough call, but consider the amount of air time, most of SWA’s flights are short jumps.

That last flight, the crew was fun, jovial, and still followed all the rules. Still fun, and restored my faith in SWA.


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