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Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
Two Meat Tuesday (the book)
Pink Cake A commonplace book. (A Friday Photo)

San Antonio River Walk Hibiscus:
I can remember exactly when it was, first time I encountered a “River Walk Hibiscus.” First time, blew me away. I was filled with a simple kind of joy, it was at the base of the bridge that’s alongside the (something) stage & arena, along side the paved loop in the river. White hibiscus, towering overhead, with a deep ruby heart. Snapped a picture with the “point and click” I carried. Picture didn’t turn out, not better or worse than any of my other efforts, but the image of the flower, that day, I recall it vividly.

I’m sure there have been other flowers before its time, and that one example was fleeting, at best. Wasn’t there the next day. Not that it matters, not to me, I made an effort to catch them.

As the Museum Reach opened, another portion of the River Walk, I kept encountering these HUGE hibiscus, up to a foot in diameter, so it seemed.

I’ve watched, first hand, in Grace’s backyard, the life span of the floral essence of one of those babies, it isn’t really too long. Caught them before they were open in the morning, and the delicate nature of the flowers makes that one even better.

The gentle white with deep ruby-red hearts, or a purple hearted one, the variations of red and even other flavors, they never cease to amaze me. Makes good fodder for point-and-click digital image recording devices.

Tropical flowers, indeed, a tropical floral pattern on my shirt, on Monday. Shorts, sandals, little sweat.

After the deep freeze? Not so much.