St. George

St. George
Simple image, from memory, and, in part, a logo I use for London. Like the Vatican City, and Austin, London is a separate entity from its host while also being inherently and intrinsically linked with that host county. Or state, in the case of Texas and Austin.

The flag for the city of London, which enjoys some political autonomy due to its historical precedents, I’m thinking that the flag is the cross of St. George with a smaller, either inverted cross, or, to me, looks like a sword, down in the upper left quadrant. On a field of white.

Visually, I find it viscerally appealing. A fun image to toy with. With which to toy.

Used part of it as the banner logo.

The equal arm cross is far more appealing than the elongated one, which is so common in current religious iconography.

Couple of years ago, at a “catholic head shop,” lady behind the counter gave me a cheap St. Benedict medallion, which I’ve taken to wearing. One of the features, I like, it’s got an equal arm cross on the back.

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