Pepper Solo

The image, from the ubiquitous side project.

I started the side project as an outlet – then home – for seemingly random images in a strange town. The category “pepper porn,” was born from that almost endless variety of peppers, fresh, dried, canned, whole, diced, &c.

New goal, eventually, figure a way around the shine and effects of lighting on the fresh produce. Just a goal, not a question.

As linked and noted earlier, the increase in phone cameras has lessened the “point and click,” market, not that I miss it. Still have one or two. Point and click.

I loved that one image, done with a phone camera, I’d guess iPhone and either or, but I didn’t record that at the time. That lone Serrano in a sea of Habañero.

It’s not always the big image, but sometimes the images right in front of us.