Ten from Ten

Another year, another “Piss in your Shoe” (pass in review) only seemed appropriate.

10. Wade Fishing. Who knew? Very big step forward as it confronts a basic fear of mine, and I had fun. Truly one step outside the comfort zone. Owe my Taurus fishing buddy a big nod of thanks. Nice size trout, too.


9. Implemented and rolled out the new format. Recent Mercury Retrograde and password reset was troubling. Fixed. Any more problems, shoot me an email.


8. No new books. No agent or publicist, either. Got one on the stove, but it’s a long project. Wait, yeah, did do one new book, based on the side-project. Hardly a real book, just a collection of pictures with their stories.

Bexar County Line: best of the double-aughts

7. UK in the spring. Winter to me. Family business. Productive trip.


6. Red Drum in September.


4. Cousin’s wedding in May.

3. North of the Georgia O’Keefe Ghost Ranch, there’s a monastery.
Very cool pilgrimage.


2. Reworked the files. Books available as both printed and Amazon Kindle, as well as some are free on Apple’s iBooks. Much as I deplore the eBook format, it is here to stay. Perfect example of a good piece in that format? The aforementioned Bexar County Line book (the first draft is available for free, printed and final drafts are available through conventional retail channels, too.)


1. Xmas/Birthday fishing trip. Cold fishing conditions. One fish. But it was good. Oh so “Mercury is retrograde” good.

5 – hey, times are tough. Ran out of money for number five.

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