Vincint qui primum gerit

Mornington Crescent Redux:
It’s all silliness and absurdities until some gets hurt, then it’s hilarious.

Wait, I think that’s a t-shirt.

As a transportation system London’s “tube,” as I previously alluded to, I have a fetish-like appreciation for it. I’m lost in that town unless I find an underground station. Why I think the game of Mornington Crescent is so fun.

10 Reasons.

The Dead Tell Tales:
Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead.

The Living Appear in Court:
Mi6 ex-agent caught being naughty?

The Nose:

Waterloo & City:
Again, I’m reminded, I’ve used this in a horoscope already.

“You should, like, do some music to play while playing Mornington Crescent,” suggested Sister.