Inbound Mail

(Mercury RX notes)
On May 4, 2010, at 8:27 AM, (Aquarius) wrote:

A little question off topic-a famous astrologer in these parts calling himself the Cosmic Muffin (passed away young a few years ago-the town had a huge procession in honor of him and he was named the Massachusetts State Astrologer made a comment years ago that he wouldn’t want to win a lottery during a mercury retrograde. What is your take on that and why so? I wonder if this is a reason why for some big (or small) winners everything goes south in their lives, the money is lost quickly, etc.?

I have two distinctions, surrounding The Cosmic Muffin: One, I have the honor of having my material appear alongside his written work, back in the day, on the old AOL site. Eventually, I wound up selling them my material, and eventually, they wound up selling out (and taking advantage of a number of authors, but that’s a sad tale left elsewhere).

But the second distinction is more a lesson for me, as I exchanged what I thought were pleasant and witty accolades for the master, I suggested I was poor cousin from Texas. I was harshly admonished to never contact the Cosmic Muffin, ever again.

I admire what he did and how he brought the art and artifice of astrology into the mainstream, and some “podcasters” should look to him as a forerunner because of his unique format. Pioneer.

Well, if you can’t piss someone off, why bother? Didn’t stop me from admiring his work. Daily is a real grind, at times.

New plans, new actions, and new stuff, like, winning the lottery when Mercury is in apparent Retrograde motion? I’d have to agree with Daryl, the Cosmic Muffin, on this. As duly referenced, I do have a text about this, what Mercury Retrograde is about and what it’s not about. While embarking on a totally new endeavor is ill-advised, there’s a brush-up, catch-up, review and revision that is excellent at this time.

As an example, quoting the e-mail quoting the Muffin, I’d agree, in spirit, that it’s sound advice. I’d agree, in spirit, that it’s an excellent metaphor.

When Mercury is backwards, almost no more, now, it’s an excellent time to brainstorm. I’ve been gradually filling in old blank spots in the website. Patching, promoting, improving.

As far as launching a new product when Mercury is Retrograde? Look at the hilarious calamity that occurred here January 1.

I think the Cosmic Muffin is right, again.