Mercury, Moon, Mayhem

This is special note to the loyal readers. I can’t make it without your support. I’m eternally grateful!

Here’s the deal, the website and the subscription has a new back-end. I thought it was checked and double checked in December because a Mercury (and Mars) retrograde roll-out was going to be problematic, at best. However, January 1st just seemed like as good a time as any to launch, times being what they are.

Extensive testing didn’t reveal any problems. All the processes and delivery mechanisms seemed to work well. Flawless.

Concurrent with the star-studded events, yes, there have been a few glitches. However…

The last of the problems have been solved, I hope. If you have any trouble whatsoever logging into the site, please don’t hesitate to e-mail. That’s the fastest way to reach me.

Again, a big thanks from us here at the home office.

Your humble servant, &c.,
–Kramer Wetzel
Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!