Happy 4th!

The Yeoman Warder giving the Tower Tour asked, “Any Americans here?” Show of hands, maybe half the crowd.

“Just think,” he nodded at us, “all this history could be yours, if you’d just paid your taxes.”

Waterloo & City:
Odd trivia I tend to favors, sometimes really quite useless and only, at best mildly entertaining. But like playing “Mornington Crescent,” there’s another strange little fact I came up with. I didn’t come up with it, maybe I more uncovered it.

The shortest Underground (London Underground, the original subway, oh whatever, the Tube) is the Waterloo & City Line. Goes from Waterloo Station to Bank. That’s it. Went to Waterloo, hopped on the line, rode to the next stop. Got off the train, looked around, got back on the same car, and rode back. Just to say “I done it.” And get a picture.

I figured it really deserved to be featured in a horoscope some time, but I doubt I could work that in. I just figured the ultimate job? The driver on the “Waterloo & City” Underground Line.

Back at Work:
Somebody’s got to mind the store.

Mind the Gap:
Willie Nelson: Rain or Shine.

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  • ssmith04 Jul 4, 2008 @ 9:10

    Waterloo to Bank and back? I know your skill with metaphors: stretch, pull, reconfigure, deconstruct. I’m sure you can do it. My first thought was along these lines: short line to nowhere, getting nowhere fast…sure sounds like mercury retro to me.

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