Expressions and images:
The image? Obviously, a Wal-Mart in Bexar County. What I saw? Big Girl Panties. I can’t even make this stuff up.

How many times have I heard that expression, in various forms, “Put on your man pants and cowboy up!” Or better yet, “Put on your big girl panties and …” (whatever you want goes there).

It’s either “Put on your big girl panties,” or the expression, might account for regional differences, “Pull on your big girl panties,” but either version works.

Which explains why I have an image of 2XL women’s underwear. It’s for my immediate family members.

Pull on them big girl panties and cowboy up! (Deal with it.)

Six Dollar Ads:
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Single Image Link:
From the Simple Side Project, a single image link from my phone camera, just a few birds on the line. It’s the fabled and storied San Antonio Riverwalk, just south of downtown.

The canards are (allegedly) Mexican, the water is typical limestone teal in color, and it’s at the southern terminus of the Riverwalk.

I’m not sure what motivated the image. See it a lot. As of this moment, there’s a black background on that site, and while that doesn’t work with my personal sense of aesthetics, the background seems to push the images outward. Makes that look like it’s different than when I had it framed in a white background.

The teal-colored water is emblematic of the limestone-fed spring waters, the land of 1100 springs (Pearl Beer. Anyone?)

Dual Image Links:
With a tagged line, “Plus ca change,” which regrettably, doesn’t have the correct accent mark under the that first letter C.

The image, a kitchen picture, obviously, from a kitchen in San Antonio.

The second link, chronologically, for display purposes, predates the Bexar County Line image by a day or three, it’s obviously an image. Chili I prepped and cooked in El Paso on the last trip.

To some, it might be “food pr0n,” or, to me, it’s a variation of “pepper pr0n,” but in either case, those were ingredients, along I-10, for my chili.

Too Fat to Fly?
I’m certainly not conversant with the whole story, but I should weigh in with my observations.

I used to fly a lot. On Southwest. I mean, a lot. At the Austin airport, for a while, I had long-established acquaintances with baggage handlers, the girl working a the coffee counter, and some running dialogue with the Amy’s crew. That was then.

SWA has grown, mutated, and some ways, lost its touch with – to borrow from another corporate shill – the rest of us.

Me, I still fly SWA, especially if it’s the local stuff, in-state. For that matter, it’s still my first choice for any air travel. I’ll be on an American flight tonight, watching a sunrise over the North Atlantic, setting foot for family business in the UK.

As of yet, I’m not too fat to fly, and as of yet, I don’t take up two seats, although, I would if I could.

Southwest had, at one time, the best PR I’ve ever seen. Snappy ads, good catch-phrases, and single, unified presentation. However, based on the sheer number of people carried, there will always be a few unhappy souls.

Travel isn’t quite as much fun as it used to be, but my simple travel methodology still works best.

Still, it’s that one dissenting voice that sounds louder than ten or twenty happy voices.

Kevin Smith? I’m still a fan of his work, although, I admit, I don’t stalk him online. I’ve got other fat friends that are just as entertaining and informative.

Hasn’t anyone done something with this the classic line from Smith’s break-out classic, Clerks?

The Floyd:

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Sitting on my desk is a used copy of Pink Floyd’s Animals. It’s the old Battersea Power Station, an icon to me. Can’t explain why. The more I dig, the more it becomes less clear. My most recent copy of the album is a used CD, bought it for about half its listed price, at the discount store.

I unfolded the enclosed material, lyrics, a single sheaf with some idealized black & white photos, one of the old power station.

The train ride in from one airport used to run past the icon. Sit on the right side, I even got a few seconds of moving images of it. If there’s time, what with family business, I’d like to ride out there to either get a grip or excise the old ghost.