Dateline: El Paso

El Paso is in Texas, and look, at the map of Texas? That little pointy piece way out west? Looks like an arm saying, “He went that way!”

Looking westward from Grace’s backyard, that point is clearly visible. Old Mexico, New Mexico, Texas. Two States, two countries, one land, one river. “One people….” (Shut up)

Roadkill Chili

World Famous
Roadkill Chili, but its proper name should be “Famous Wall Marts Chili,” because, it was the cheapest place to buy the groceries.

There’s peppers and they are little hotter than home, but basically, all of that got chopped and shredded, cooked for hours.

Previously (that’s an example of an image better suited for a black background. More photographic.)

Does the sun think to do the rain’s work? Or Asclepius that of Demeter? And how is it with the stars? Are they not all different, yet all work in concert to the one end? Book VI, #43

Marcus Aurelius

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