Two tales

I uploaded a picture from that garage sale in Austin, a few weeks back.


It’s just an album cover, the old school. Probably a collectible album, depends on the vinyl and artwork. The cover itself is only slightly marred by a single name inscribed, asserting ownership. However, at a garage sale? Ownership can be changed for as little as a dollar.

The band’s name, if I recall, was “America.” One-hit wonder, if I recall, “Horse With No Name.” The last of the AOR radio, right? Long-forgotten, wasting away on the bins in the garage sale.

That’s twice that the album hasn’t sold. Only sold one album that weekend, too.

“What’d you get?” I asked.

“Pat Benatar,” he waved an album cover at me, feathered hair and animal print tights, “it’s for my girlfriend, you know, back in the day.”

Pat Benatar, Capricorn. Must mean something.

The band America, apparently, is still touring. The web is a wonderful place. Lead singer, 1970 to present-day? Virgo, born in Ft. Worth, TX.

What triggered this train-wreck of thought and subsequent investigation, which got as far as the Alaska Opera (something), it was the evocative artwork on that album cover. Which prompted a quick cell-phone image and then, uploaded it to FB, and less than three hours, it’s identified. Why I can’t run any trivia questions anymore for free give-aways. But I was amused by that, and the relative alertness of the responder (Aries).

Always did have a special thing for Aries girls. Which has nothing to do with the artwork on that album.

It’s got the Golden Gate (bridge), I’ll assume, and then the archetypical Big Ben (London, UK). Plus the band is called America. English-American Folk-Roots-rock (?).

That’s a Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner I leaned the album’s cover up against. On the hose, barely visible. I looked at the liner notes, too. No clue. Used vacuum cleaner sold.

It was the album’s artwork. Do I want a framed copy at home? Not really, just trying to get the connection between the disparate images. Thirty, thirty-five years? Is that what it’s been? Still struck a chord.

The Portable Mercury Retrograde’s Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde three-four times in a calendar year. Warnings, dire threats, problems, and some solutions, in this handy tome.

Pitfalls, pratfalls, guidelines, remedies and foibles of the human spirit. The Portable Mercury Retrograde sets out to dispel some of the errant mythology about the phase of Mercury and how to best harness these disparate energies.

Published source: Available NOW $8.99


EAN-13: 9781449911508

Mercury, Mars and Solutions:
Yeah, yeah, Mars is retrograde in Leo, Mercury is fixing to be broken, for most of us, and yes, there is a textual remedy above.

Not what this was about. I’ve been wrestling, for close to a year with an idea. Finally got more pieces, more complexity and layer upon layer of issues to get a simple solution to a weird problem. All about working around what the limits are.

Probably make a good horoscope. Instead, I’ll run through the problem, and this week’s work-around.

Bought the domain name because it was cute and available. Really unsure of what to do with it. I’ve tried, this is the fourth or fifth version, but it’s hosted, in part, just as an off-shoot here. I tried the “cloaking” trick, which opens the sub-directory in a browser window’s frame, but that’s onerous at times, and ticks off some security settings. Poking around on the WordPress site, I came across a reference to a code fragment (library) that would read a feed and parse it out to an html page. The problem being I wanted to parse feed from a blog, right, into page, and within the feed itself, there’s the (insert-your-link-here) script.

Although I’ve used this java script as a “scraper” before (cf., I’ll have to assume I didn’t have correct settings.


I spent more than a day working around the problem, since the outcome, the final product, that’s the only part I’m really concerned with. A web-log engine that can handle the automated link-list building script and output that to a simple (& stable) web page host.