Holiday Foods-

White food:
I was asked to help in the kitchen, lend a hand.

“White people food. Must be.”

I didn’t get the reference until I was handed a ButterKrust loaf of Texas Toast, “Cut the crust off six or eight slices, goes in the bottom of the pan.”

I’d have to agree, white people food. Four sticks of butter and whole roll of sausage. Eggs.

“Brother” Gary delivered

Turducken. And venison tamales, from LA (Lower Arkansas). Came via his client, if I got the story straight, which I might not.

Just tickled me all kinds of happy. When Tess Turbo played the Xmas party, the discussion meandered around to Turducken, as in my friends from the Northwest (Seattle) didn’t believe in it.

It’s for real. Turkey stuffed with Duck stuffed with Chicken stuffed with pork sausage stuffed with beef dressing. For real.

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  • Sarah Dec 26, 2009 @ 22:15

    Years ago, when I was a school bus driver, the other drivers were all male and African-American. I was the token white and I felt a little conspicuous, with my very fair skin. The first holiday rolled around and we decided to have a pot luck. The guys asked me to bring “white people food” (the exact expression). So I brought a vanilla cake with white frosting topped with vanilla ice cream and white sprinkles. That broke the ice; from then on, I was one of the gang. They “got it”. To this day, when I run into one of them at work, we share a special code phrase–white people food. And then bust up laughing.

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