Fifteen minutes y mas

The first e-mail came from one of the “psychic fair” promoters, “Hey, got a guy from some Tee-Vee program, wants an astrologer in El Paso. I suggested you.”

I went back and forth about the time, trying to just get the guy to come out to the event I worked at, but he wanted a private reading. I was hesitant until he told me the name of the program. I know nothing about the show, but I do know it’s a prime slot – like – 7 PM Friday. Stay tuned for some real “behind the scenes” scenes from “Wife Swap” – should air in May – I’d guess it’s wife swap – El Paso.

Y Mas:
Barbie is a hot fifty.

(Warping minds for 50 years?)

Road Food

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El Paso, TX: Johnny’s BBQ, on Doniphan. The Burrito Maker, a Taurus. The deal? Pecan smoked, home-built kiln of some kind. The brisket burrito was “this big,” and we watched as the tortillas were warmed on the grill, then the sliced briskets was cut, trimmed and chopped before our eyes. Grace and Bubba were treating. The meat was rolled into the tortilla with some pickles, a slice of onion, then some secret sauce (Hatch green chiles). It was, why more places like this don’t get proper recognition? I don’t know.

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