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Dispel rumors: in the 19th Century, the Royal British Navy tried to undo the Friday the Thirteenth superstition by launching a new ship. The keel was laid on a Friday 13th, she was named HMS Friday, she was commanded by Captain Friday, and she went to sea on Friday the 13th. Never seen again. Sailed off into infamy.

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Laeti edimus qui nos subigant!
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Bexar County Line

Saints be praised!
Santos Muertos takes many forms. For me, the way the myth has propagated, it’s the saint invoked for protection by and for the illegal import/export business along the Texas-Mexico border. El Paso is in the heart of the borderlands. Next door to Ground Zero, basically.

I tend to use 7-day votives, just a matter of form, burning in the kitchen. Before leaving for El Paso this time? I made sure it was a Santa Muerta candle. Little more expensive than what I usually burn, got it as a novelty and inspiration. Figured I’d give it a try. Can’t hurt, can only help.

The myth that was passed on to me? Dope dealer used to pray/honor this saint, the one on my candle. He was protected until he strayed from his path. The saint punished him for sampling his wares. The dealer’s in jail now, long sentence.

Only difference is I use my astrology myself.


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