Like I’ve noted:
This really doesn’t qualify as news. More like a “state of the art.”

Tag lines (again): resort and spa” – I like.

Best Political signs?
I can’t even make this stuff up:

(Ross Perot 92)

This is NOT a photo-op.

Previously noted:
I’m with Norman Mailer, and his letter predates me.

Previously predicted:
See how this turns out.

Opening Lines:
They missed one – “Mama est mort.” (Camus)

(tag) Lines:
How green is it, behind the green apron?

Tag lines:
Maybe I should use this one: OFTEN LICKED NEVER BEATEN.

I just question the morals of that on a kid’s ice cream truck. Then, too, them Europeans have a weird sense of humor. Which I like.

Austin Addendum:
I picked up the new Hank III CD at Waterloo (6th & Lamar) on Friday afternoon at about 4:45. Headed north to visit the funeral reception and such. Got on MoPac. The CD is 50 minutes long. Listened to it all the way through, enjoying it a lot, before we ever fought through the traffic. Seriously. Every day you drive that?

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  • ssmith04 Nov 3, 2008 @ 12:53

    Speaking of CDs, did you ever receive the one I sent you?

  • Kramer Nov 3, 2008 @ 19:35

    Didn’t you read the Calixo reference? Think that was on the way to El Paso.