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Nota Bene:
Due to high voter turnout, Republicans vote on Tuesday, and Democrats vote on Wednesday. Just heard that on the news. Good thing I’m registered as a Republican.



Has to be said:
I’m trying very hard not to weigh in on the political mess. Other than to suggest one votes. Like I already did.

One of my free-thinking, literate, auto-didactic buddies, he was bemoaning the way the “press,” which in many forms is now the “Liberal Leftist (pinko-commie-faggot) Media,” my slightly right-of-center buddy was complaining that many media outlets were openly supporting the Democrat. President Race. I just pointed out to my buddy, like most companies, you go with the guy who spends the most advertising dollars with you.

4 years ago, precinct I lived (and voted) in Austin? Almost 80 percent of the registered voters voted. And of that? Over 80 percent voted for Kerry. Wait, stop, that’s not the point.

The point is, my fine little liberal, tree-hugging leftist friends? How many swore, up and down, they would “Leave the country if Bush stayed in office?”

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