Be funny

Not that I would stoop so low as to steal material, but you know, I think I’ll adopt that new line, “Tell me something about my sign.”

“Give me money, and I will.”

Or, the best, “Be funny!”

See above.

Unrelated material:
The elusive reputation.

Take a miss:
Not going.

Waking up (children):
“Wake up, I’ve got to drop Kramer at the airport.”


“It’s okay, I understand if you need your beauty rest.”

“I’ll get up – I’m as pretty as I’m going to be.”

Later that day:
It was funny, to me, and after the last fiasco with my buying a full tank of gas only to have the truck traded, I wandered into the store while Grace filled up. The littlest Leo followed me into the store. I was figuring, at first, I would try to curry favor with the child – less of a child now, more of a young adult, arguably the most mature in the group – by offering to buy her some candy. I could also imagine how that would play out, after looking at the store’s security systems, overhead cameras and the other patrons.

“Here, would you like me to buy that for you?”

“(loud scream) A strange man is talking to me! Help! Help!”

She would be playing, but I could easily see our humor so not be translated to the customer, the staff, or the odd security detail. Big convenience store, double set of pumps n either side, right at the edge of the freeway. Take real cops about thirty seconds to get there, I’m sure.

I ignored her. She ignored me.

Back, in the car, on the way to the airport – finally – she said that if I had approached her, that’s exactly what she was thinking of doing. Just for fun.

Oh yeah, feel the love.

(cure for the common horoscope)