Austin that was

Nothing is left.
(Or so it seems).

Unrelated (musical) note:
“Hallucinating Pluto” (B-52’s) on Time Capsule.

Make me hungry for Quiche Lorraine.


Una mas:
There was a time when muscle and iron, a time when horsepower denoted manhood. Just pulled these shots off the camera, from the other evening. For a brief moment, I was transported back to a time when MPG didn’t matter, and hearing a hemi that had been bored over to 500 meant something. Still does, as it harkens back to era when design embodied soul, too. Automotive T&A:

But, “Check out the headlights on that one,” really means what it means.

It is what it is.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)

(cure for the common horoscope)

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