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Caution: car crushing bump.


  • […] Startby El Muchacho Alegre on November 10, 2011Random post circulated up, Bexar County Line’s first image.“Car crushing bump.” – horoscopes and more ASTROFISH.NET Horoscopes, […]

  • […] and how I left a cheap camera in her glovebox, ready for weird images, like a sign that said, car crushing bump, which I though was the first image. In case the girlfriend motored off without me? No loss for […]

  • […] Finally, though, the last pieces? Simplify as a much as possible? The plan, when the Bexar County Line URL runs out in 2022? Pull that into the same database. Thinking of halting that one in 2021, as that would be a full 14 years. The registration database shows that I bought it while still in Austin, but it was’t an active site until May 2007, with a car crushing bump. […]

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