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Eye of the hurricane.

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Top ten hits for greenies.

Lawyers love this.

Land line? How quaint.

Got to scroll but: Grand Jurors Indict Justice of the Peace Michelle Araujo
Araujo was arrested Saturday, March 10, for allegedly shooting her husband, Romeo Araujo, at their home. Mr. Araujo was shot multiple times in the abdomen area and survived.

Strict Astrology notation:
I heard from three separate Gemini clients yesterday, in dualistic terms, I could call it a an even half-dozen. Similar cases. Only coherent theme? All Gemini. Gemini time starts next week. Is there a connection? I ‘spect so.

Less strict astrology:
Can’t say I don’t try for verisimilitude in my astrology tales. While I was writing about an impending Mercury Retrograde time, the local cable company cut my access. I called, and no, it wasn’t the back due bill, just some kind of local service outage. Funny how that works. No net, no email, no regular phone, nothing. Actually, kind of nice, a quiet day.

Two Meat Tuesday (the book)

(cure for the common horoscope)

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