SFO Memories

SFO Memories Madness in great ones must not unwatch’d go. Hamlet 3.1 The dawn up north of the Golden Gate was cool and wisps of fog, tendrils dissipating with the weak dawn. Scooting into San Francisco International, camped out in a departure lounge with diminutive, wee mum, I watched, I mean it was brilliant, sparkling SFO Memories

Humboldt Fog Brie

Humboldt Fog Brie “A firm goat with veins of blue like soft Brie close the rind,” Juli F. “It’s Cowgirl Creamery.” My sister—the bereaved widow—had this cheese. It was good, but certainly not orgasmic. “It’s Humboldt County — it’s the ash in the rind.” And it’s not from Cowgirl, it’s from …. astrofish.net/travel Pink Cake: Humboldt Fog Brie