Final Page

Another Final Page

Each one of my weblog entries is an experiment. It’s a chance for me to either post a snappy quote, a pointer to an event, or explore some topic that defies quantitative analysis in any other form.

I’ll experiment in fiction, bad poetry, and occasionally some kind of dance. Just kidding, I don’t dance in public these days. A person should respects one’s own limits.

The blog is now permanently rolled back into, new/old location:

There are a couple of years left on this URL, so the pointers, placeholders, and some of the content is still in place.

It was a noble experiment, but the constraints of time and age serve me elsewhere, better.

Another Final Page

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Another Final Page

Brief, oral history of this weblog:

Started at —> —> —> —> —> —> (so far).

Just an address change, that’s all.